Thursday, October 13, 2011

Podcast 74- The Dark X-Men

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast the Paranerds read some fan mail, speak about NEWS (See below), new releases along with Mortal Kombat, Kingdom hearts: Birth By Sleep,  Gears of War 3 and review the iOS title The Dark Meadow. They also review the newest X-Men title: X-Men Destiny and have a discussion on what they would like the new consoles to improve on.

You may hear it HERE



Mail: Kevin and/or Rooster



PlayStation Store Update
Xbox 360 Update
Jak & Daxter HD Collection
Twisted Pixel Joins Microsoft
Boxart for Uncharted Collection
BioWare Confirms Multiplayer for Mass Effect 3
Sonic 4 Price Drop
Daytona USA Achievements Leaked
North America Gets New Wii Model
DONATE HERE For Charity Drive
Nightwing Bundle For Batman Arkham City Offers
Duke Nukem Forver
Mount and Blade With Fire and Stone

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