Thursday, June 28, 2012

Podcast 98- Waazzuuppp Spider-Man?!

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast: The Paranerds speak about Brave (Film),Dark Souls, Singularity, Tomba!, Enslaved: Oddysey to the West  and the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Demo. They also go over News (see below) and new releases. The duo go over the Top Ten Spider-Man Games after Kevin goes on another Dreamworks rant and talks about how things must be timeless. Then the two speak about if they are planning to get a Wii U and what wold push sales.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Podcast 97- Sonic Sale! Sega Sale! Sonic Sale! Sega Sale! Sonic Sale! Sega Sale!

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast: Kevin talks about Enslaved: Journey to the West, Chrono&Cash & Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns and Rooster speaks about some more Minecraft, the two also go over some fanmail, news (see below) and new releases. Rooster has a  problem with EA's Command and Conquer: Tiberian Alliance Controversy, has a little freak out about Sega and Sonic deals on Xbox Live and Kevin goes over some Wii U Rumors.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Podcast 96- Bleeding Thumbs Murphy

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast, the nerds speak about Batman:Arkham City, Arkham City Lockdown and Minecraft. They also go over NEWS (see below) and read some fan mail.  Being a slow week the duo go over some of the best and worst gaming music but unfortunately is cut short due to a bad cut to Kevin's thumb (image can be seen: warning pretty gory) .

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Podcast 95- E3's Revenge

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast: The paranerds speak about Minecraft, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC. They also go over new releases and news. The big focus is E3, Kevin and Rooster briefly touch upon Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony's announcements.

Also be sure to check out the new 1 MoreCastle Website for some retro-goodness